Friday, June 24, 2016

Grilled Sweet Pepper Poppers

When we go camping, one of our favorite things to make is Sweet Pepper Poppers. We love to grill as much as possible - not only is grilled food delicious, but clean-up is so much easier when you use the grill!

We've tried a few different things when making these, but always come back to the classic. Some people prefer to use turkey bacon in order to make them a little bit healthier. You're welcome to try hat, but we've found that regular bacon just adds a little something extra that you don't get with anything else. Maybe it's the bacon grease, who knows. Now, the original of these also uses jalapeƱos, but my mom and I totally fell in love with the mini sweet peppers. We're not fans of spicy food and some of the jalapeƱos we've used set our mouths on FIRE! We don't have that problem anymore!!

Here's the recipe:

Servings: 4

1 bag of mini sweet peppers
1 8 oz. block of reduced fat cream cheese
1 lb bacon (can cut each strip in half)
seasoned salt

Cut the top off of each pepper and then cut pepper in half lengthwise. Scrape out all the seeds from inside of pepper. Using the back of a spoon, fill the pepper cavity with cream cheese. Sprinkle seasoned salt on top of cream cheese and then wrap bacon around entire pepper. Secure bacon with a tooth pick. Grill pepper on hot grill for 20 - 30 minutes flipping ever 10 minutes. Enjoy!

We like to set up an assembly line when we do these to make it easier. If I'm the only one working on them, I do one step at a time on all the peppers. This can be a little messy, but isn't that what camping is all about? Lol!!

So long for today...

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