Monday, June 10, 2013

Camden's Birth Story

I thought I would tell you about the birth story of Camden. while this is for you, it's also for me. I have found that it's hard for me to remember details from Addison's birth, so I thought I would write about Camden's on here so I will always have it. So here we go:

On a beautiful evening back in September...just kidding!! But seriously, I do think my story starts the day before he was actually born. I had a Dr's appointment that Friday. I was getting extremely uncomfortable and was hoping that my body was making some progress. I was pretty disappointed when my Dr. told me that I really hadn't made much progress from the week before. She asked me if I wanted her to strip my membranes, to which I immediately replied, "Yes, please!" But when she looked at my chart and saw that I was positive for Group B Strep, she said she wasn't comfortable doing it and instead she just stretches my cervix a little bit. We also scheduled my induction for the next Thursday at 7:00 AM.

So home I went feeling so discouraged that I was probably going to end up being induced. I really didn't want it to come to that, but was so miserable that I knew that if it came down to it, and I was still pregnant, I would go ahead with the induction.

The rest of that day was pretty normal. I just tried to relax and resign myself to the fact that I wouldn't have the baby until Thursday.

Saturday morning we got up and I did the grocery shopping for the next week. After I got back, I took another walk around the block, trying to make something happen. I also decided to vacuum out the car before I layed down to take a nap with Addison. About an hour after we fell asleep, I woke up about 3:30 and had a very familiar feeling inside. When I got up to go to the bathroom, it was obvious that my water had just broke.

TC was outside and I went out to find him. I told him that my water had just broke and if he wanted to shower, he could, but not to take too long. Then I called the Answering service for my Dr's office and waited for them to call me back.

In the meantime, I called my mom and asked if my dad had gotten in from PA yet. (He had been turkey hunging for the last couple if weeks.) When she said yes, I told her that I thought maybe she should come down to the house. Since we were supposed to be going up there for dinner, she asked why and I told her that my water had just broke.

The Dr called me and told us to go ahead and come to the hospital since I was positive for the Group B Strep. They wanted to go ahead and get me started on my first round of antibiotics (they like to give you 2 rounds 4 hours apart before the baby is born.) We took care of everything we needed to around the house and as soon as we put Addison in my mom's car, we headed to the hospital.

I timed my contractions on the way there and they were consistently coming every 4 minutes and lasting between 30 - 60 seconds each. We hit a little bit of traffic and I was just hoping we made it to the hospital in time!!

We made it to the hospital about 4:30 and made our way to Labor and Delivery. They took me to my room and had us settle in. Shortly after I got into bed, I had another gush of fluid and ended up having to change clothes and the sheets on the bed...oops!! This was when the nurse said that, yes indeed, my water had definitely broken. (I could have guaranteed this to them before though!!) Then they hooked me up to the monitors and we waited for a bit. When the Dr did her first check, I was dilated 4 cm and 80% effaced. So we still had a little bit.

They gave me my IV and then went ahead and gave me my first round of antibiotics and shortly after that, gave me my epidural since the contractions were starting to get painful. After the epidural, my contractions started to slow down, so they gave me the minimum dosage of Pitocin to help things along. They also did another check and I was between 6-7 cm dilated and 90% effaced, so at least I was making progress.

They switched shifts around 7:30 and my new nurse Shica came in and introduced herself. She was great right from the start! The first nurse was nice, but I was so happy that Shica was the one that would be with me until I got to meet the little guy!

About 30 or so minutes later, I told the nurse that I was feeling some pressure that I hadn't been feeling before. I told her I didn't feel like I needed to push or anything like that, so she didn't check me. When I felt the pressure again with the next contraction, she decided to go ahead and check me and we found out that I was "complete" - 10 cm and 100%!

The nurse had me do a couple of practice pushes to see how things would go. I guess they went pretty well, because after a couple, she told me to stop pushing because she didn't deliver babies...she left that up to the Dr. The Dr came in shortly after that and the action started. By this time, my contractions were only about 30 seconds apart. They were right on top of each other!! They had me push three times for each contraction for 10 counts each. I started pushing at 8:05 and he was born at 8:17. 12 minutes!! It was so quick! Everyone was pretty surprised how quickly things happened. We definitely weren't messing around!

We had one scary moment when he was born and the Dr. used the phrase "nuchal." I heard it twice in just a little bit. I knew that was something that I had never heard before and kind of got worried. When I asked the Dr what that meant, she said that he was born with the cord around his neck. TC said he saw that, but the Dr flipped it up over his head pretty quickly and everything was fine.

The whole experience was pretty quick and easy. I had to wait to be transferred to a room until the epidural wore off, which took a while, especially in my left leg. We finally got moved around 12:30 or 1:00 am. Things were a little hectic because they had just started moving post-partum patients to a different floor two days before this. They were also pretty busy because of the full moon and my nurse was actually an on-call nurse that got called in because they were so busy.

So there is Camden's birth story. It really was a quick and easy delivery. Although, Addison's wasn't that bad, this one was easier. I am so happy that I have been blessed with two happy and healthy children. It feels like our family is now complete :-)

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