Monday, December 10, 2012

15 Weeks

My first pregnancy update...I'm 15 weeks into my pregnancy! Sometimes, it seems like time is flying, but other times, it seems like it's crawling. But I know we will get there. Slowly but surely, we will make it to 40 weeks. I'm feeling pretty good these days. Sometimes, I still have moments that I don't feel great, but I'm usually able to get through them without a big deal. I will be so glad when I feel great 100% of the time! Oh wait, will that ever happen?!

I actually got a couple of workouts in last week. I did two different pre-natal workouts. One was a toning workout and the other wast a pilates video. It felt so great to be moving again. I wanted to get out for a run on Sunday, too. But ended up making 4 batches of fudge instead! Ha! I did exercise my resistence muscle by not eating all of the fudge though! That's still an accomplishment, right?

So I thought it might be fun to do an update on a few different things for the rest of the pregnancy. I've seen a few different ones of these and thought I would put one together, too. Here's what I came up with:

How far along: 15 weeks

Percentage Complete: 37.5%

Baby is as Big as: An avocado or a large apple

Maternity Clothes: Yes, for about a week now…so much more comfortable!

Sleep: Not sleeping very well. I’m so thirsty in the evenings and nighttime, so I’m drinking a ton of water and that makes me get up a few times during the night.

Best Moment This/Last Month: Had our 12 week ultrasound and got some pictures of the little bean.

Movement: Yes, for a couple of weeks now, just here and there though. No kicks yet.

Food Cravings: None really…But clementines are making a daily appearance in my diet.

Gender: Unknown until sometime in January

Wedding ring on/off: On

What I am looking forward to: My Dr’s appt next week.

Days until my next appointment: 11

So long for today...

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