Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme - Day 2

It's the weekend guys!!!! Yay!!! Even though the holiday gave us a short week, I'm still so glad it's over and the weekend has come around again!! I'm still plugging along with my 21 Day Fix Extreme. I'm feeling pretty good and hope I can keep up with it. It's already unofficially Summer, so that means bathing suit season is upon us!!

So let's take a look at Day 2 from the 21DFX. Remember, I'm a creature of habit, so some of these things may look familiar...

Of course, I had to seat my day with some Spark!!

Breakfast was eggs (2 pp) with some oatmeal (2 pp) and a kiwi.

I'm still getting in my fluids, which includes some green tea.

My morning snack was another tuna pack (2 pp) and some watermelon.

Lunch was a repeat from Day 1...grilled chicken salad with Bolthoise Farms Salsa Ranch. (4 pp)

Snack 2 was 12 almonds (2 pp) and strawberries.

Dinner was a huge plate of food!! Seriously, you can really pack those veggies into those containers. And as long as the lid goes on, you're good to go! We had turkey tacos. So good and only 7 pp when you add in the salsa ranch I put on top.

I also had my 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. Seriously, I love PB2. But sometimes the real thing is just so much better!!

My workout was the Upper Fix Extreme. I didn't have a huge calorie burn, but my arms were jello afterwards and are still sore today!!

And there you have it. I'm actually starting Day 5 today, but I'll keep posting my progress with you.

I hope you all have a great Saturday. I'm off to make some eggs and oatmeal!

So long for today...

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