Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday {6/25}

It's been a very long time since I did a Thankful Thursday post, so since we have so much going on, why not go ahead and do one?

1. In yesterday's post, I told you that I had something big going on. Well, I am so happy to share with you all that I sold my townhouse yesterday. We had the closing at 11:00. While, I didn't feel like it was ever going to fall through, I still like to keep pretty tight-lipped about stuff like that until it's over. No need to tempt fate, right? So needless to say, I am so very thankful to have this burden lifted off my shoulders! This will be the first time since September that we haven't had to be paying two mortgages each month! Hallelujah!!

2. I am thankful for Weight Watchers. I self destructed the last few days of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I absolutely love the program, but I don't think the Summer is te best time for me to do it. We have way too much going on with unexpected events happening, so I need something that will work with this busy lifestyle. Weight Watchers to the rescue!

3. I am thankful for a husband that supports my crazy ideas and things I sign him up for. I am on an advisory council for a local children's center. Every year, we have a big dinner as a fundraiser for the shelter. For the second year in a row, my husband has agreed to make a for hole set to be auctioned off at the dinner. While I know he enjoys projects like that, he probably doesn't like working on them in 100 degree heat and starting them 3 days before the event :-) But don't they look great?!

I am thankful for a lot more things, but right now, I have to cut my lunch break short in order to keep going on this huge mountain of work that I have in order to keep the job that I am thankful for!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!

So long for today...

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