Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIAW {6/24}

Haaaaapy Wednesday everyone!  I have had two on-plan days in a row this week and I'm feeling the momentum going for me. So, I thought why not get in a WIAW post for you? It's been way too long since I've done one anyway. 

I have an early/busy day today with something big (for me) going on later. I don't want to jinx it, but I promise to share the news with you. It's not vlog related in any way, but it's a huge weight that will (hopefully) be lifted off my shoulders. Ok, enough vague posting. Let's get to the important stuff...the FOOD!!

I went back to my yummy yogurt parfait. It's been a while since I had one of these. I'm a little tired of my morning eggs and thought this would be a nice change. (3 points+)

My morning snack was 1 egg + 1 egg white with some super sweet cantaloupe (2 points+).

Lunch was a new chicken salad recipe that I tried out. It uses greek yogurt, so I was a little skeptical, but it was really good. I'll share the recipe with you all later. Added in some cracker chips and cherries as well. (5 points+)

My afternoon snack was some almonds and watermelon. I've been crazy busy at work lately, so it's nice to have healthy snacks like almonds to just grab when I need them. (2 points+)

We had Mexican Monday this week with some turkey tacos. I added some light ranch to my taco and cooked some unpictured broccoli on the side. So yummy!! (8 points+)

I pulled out another oldie but goodie for dessert with one of my mini cones from WeightWatchers. So good! Definitely hits the spot in this heat wave that we're having! (2 points+)

I also had my morning Spark for 1 point+. I absolutely love stuff! 

Total points for the day were about 23. I also may have had a couple of pieces of hard candy in the office. Sometimes, I can't resist!! So, I figure that would take me up to my 26.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I'm close to getting my 21 Day Fix posts together. So, be on the lookout for those soon!

So long for today...
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