Friday, July 1, 2016

Fitness Friday {7/1}

Happy July everyone!! Any plans for the weekend yet? Still nothing definite on our end except a whole lot of maxin' & relaxin'! And I.can't.wait!! Might get some shopping done and some running (weather permitting.)

So, I thought I would just give a brief run down of where I am in my fitness journey. I'm currently working out about 6-7 days a week.. It's nothing crazy, usually just about 30-40 minutes each day. I usually get my strength work in during the week and my cardio/runs in on the weekend.

In the past, I've done a variety of different home workouts. I'm seriously the workout DVD queen. I don't even know how many of them I have. I like to keep changing things up so that I don't get bored, but I also need to be sure that the workouts are challenging enough for me. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to change things up (again) and start working through Jillian Michales' Body Revolution system. 

I'm not following the eating plan (I'm actually on day 10 of the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse and feeling amazing!!) But I really like the workout series. I've started it before, but never finished it. So, thought I would give it a try. Basically, there are three difference workouts per level - two of them are strength and one is cardio. You do the same level for two weeks, then bump up to the next level. I'm currently on workouts 5&6 and definitely still feeling it. I'm excited to see how I progress throughout the program. And I already have her Body Shred program ready to go as my next step.

I try to change home weekend runs with some longerruns thrown in here and there. I'm pretty excited about a goal that I set for June. I decided to try to get 50 miles in (according to the Runkeeper app.) at the end of last weekend, I was at 47.2 miles. Only 2.8 miles to my goal, but I don't usually run during the week.
Well, I decided to go for it and thanks to a (super hot and humid) lunchtime run yesterday and I got my 50 miles in. So happy I pushed myself to reach that goal!!

So, I'd love to know what your current fitness routine is. Do you prefer home workouts or do you go to the gym?

I hope you all have a safe and Happy 4th of July weekend. I'm definitely looking forward to some good food over the holiday. But will still try to keep it under control ;-)

So long for today...

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