Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday {1/29}

Good morning from chilly South Carolina! I realize it’s all relative, but it’s been pretty cold the past couple of mornings. I’m hopeful that we weatherman is right and we do make it up to close to 60 today. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for Spring to come. I’m waiting for the warm couple of days that we usually get here and there in February. Aaaany day now. I’m ready for them!!

I thought I would do a THANKFUL Thursday post today. It’s been a while and I’m trying to be more positive this year, so what better way than to count some blessings and share what I’m THANKFUL for today? Thank you to Running with Racheal for the great idea!

I’m THANKFUL for Sunshine!!! This is the longest stretch of sunshine that we have had in a few weeks and for that I am THANKFUL!! I’m not a dreary weather person at all!

I’m THANKFUL for my two wonderful kids! Today is Addison’s 100th Day of School and they are having a little party. Everyone had to come up with an idea for a project to make that included 100 things. So we made a Fruit Loops necklace. Food + Jewelry = my kind of project!!

I’m THANKFUL for having not one, but TWO people that are willing to attempt to cut Camden’s hair. He’s definitely not a fan of haircuts right now. And I’m grateful for a mother and mother-in-law that will take time out of their days to come over and cut the hair of a moving object. Easy, peasy, right? Lol!

I’m THANKFUL for learning about Essential Oils and incorporating them into my family’s daily life. Today, they are helping with Camden’s congestion, Addison’s focus at school and this mama’s knee pain. I absolutely LOVE doTerra!! If you’d like to learn more, please let me know or visit my page.

Finally, I’m THANKFUL for my flex schedule at work. This is my Thur-Friday so that means that I have tomorrow “off.” Even though I won’t be at work, I’ll still be pretty busy since I have a good many errands that I need to run. So I guess I need to also include how THANKFUL I am for a husband that supports my constant need to be on the go and tags along for a lot of my errands.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. What are you THANKFUL for today?

So long for today…

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