Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thinking out Loud {1/22}

I'm linking up with Running with Spoons today for another edition of #thinkingoutloud. So here we go...

I try to be pretty open and honest with all of you. Sometimes, it's hard to always be honest when things aren't always sunshine and rainbows. That's what's going on this week. (Yes, it's a first world problem, but please bear with me.)  As you all know, I really want to finally lose my pregnancy weight. I was doing really well, too. My first week truly back OP, I lost 2 pounds. I had my second WI this past Tuesday and.....I gained. .2 lbs. Yes, that's not a huge gain by any means, but it's still a gain. It's hard to accept anything other than a loss when you're trying so hard to lose weight. Especially for me. I've told you all before that I'm pretty structured in my life. (That's just one of the reasons that Weight Watchers works so well for me!) I'm also very hard on myself. Typically, when I get my head in the right place and get into my weight loss mode I start off losing around 2 pounds for a couple of weeks and then it tapers down to around 1 pound loss per week. Which I'm always very happy with. So this time, when I did everything right and had a gain on the scale, it was really hard for me to deal with/accept. How did I handle it? I went on a 2 day binge. This also coincided with TC being out of town on a business trip, so my stress level was a little bit higher than normal. He got back into town last night, so all is right in my world again :-) A few of my co-workers are also following WW. One is using the old plan, one is following PointsPlus and one is following the Simply Filling Technique. I've been talking to all three of them about my progress the last couple of weeks. It's really nice to have others to talk to and get ideas from. It's definitely a great motivator! I've decided to give Simply Filling a try again. I tried it last year before I did my work for United Way and had some success with it. I actually had a 2 lb loss, which also put me at 1.6 pounds above my goal! (So, so frustrating to know how close I was then and how far away I am now!!) So after thinking about it, I'm going to see how I do with this. This morning, I was pretty hungry and worked hard to stick to Power Foods, but I did it! This afternoon, I've done better. I worked out during lunch and hope to be able to relax tonight with my family.

I wanted to share this with you all because I know that we all struggle at times. But I wanted to be honest with you to let you all know that we all experience this. Yes, I went way overboard for a couple of days, but I think I'm back to where I need to be now. I have a lot of great recipes to try that are Simply Filling that I'm excited to share with you all. I hope you'll stick with me on this journey. I know I'll get there eventually!

So long for today...

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