Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Best of Intentions

***I wrote this post on Monday, but it didn't publish***

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all survived the first day back after a (hopefully) long weekend. Today was the first day in almost a month that I haven't been absolutely SLAMMED at work. It was nice to get back to a slower pace. That's not to mean I'm not busy, because I definitely am. But at least today, I knew which way was up. There were a few times the last month or so that I wasn't quite sure. 

Anyway, after a completely non-tracking, eat whatever I want few days, I was totally back on track yesterday. I was pretty happy about this, because I soooo want to be back on-plan. I know I shared with you all in my last post that I was planning to minimize the processed foods in my day and stick with clean, while (but not whole39...yet) foods. The day started off pretty good. I had a very points friendly breakfast of eggs with butternut squash.

When I got hungry shortly after, I had some water and that did the trick...for a little while. I had a good morning snack, 
But then things got pretty bad, pretty fast. I did have a very healthy dinner, 
But the damage is already done. I do have a hypothesis (7th grade science anyone) that I'm going to test out. The last time I had a day like this, with the out of control eating, I had one of my chai lattes. Last time, I blamed it on theack of sleep, but I'm wondering if it might be the Splenda and Sugar Free Coffeemate that I had in the tea. So tomorrow, I'm skipping the chai latte and seeing how my day goes. 

Why am I writing an entire blog post about this? Because I'm human. And so is everyone else out there. Sometimes, when we look at Instagram or other social media, all we see is what people want us to see. We don't see the pieces of candy or handfuls of chips that people sneak in between those super healthy meals. We've all been there and I know I'll be there again. I'm just hoping that it won't be tomorrow or for a while if I'm being honest. So, hang in there. Don't beat yourself up if you were back on track today like you wanted to be. I definitely had the best of intentions today, but got lost along the way.

So long for today...

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