Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekly Menu Plan & Fitness Recap

Hey guys. Coming to you a little later on a Sunday evening, but I'm still getting the post in. My eating was totally on-point today, which honestly surprised me!! I'm hoping I can keep it up!

Today was been pretty busy aging catch-up after 9 days away. Lots of laundry had to be done, those groceries weren't buying themselves and some sense had to be made of the chaotic that the house was left in. We got everyhing done today and as soon as I click post, I'm going to finish up my meal prep for the week. So let's get to it!!

Menu Plan:
Sunday - Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken
Monday - Grilled Turkey Patties
Tuesday - Grilled London Broil
Wednesday - Grilled Honey Lime Chicken
Thursday - Pasta & Meat Sauce
Friday - Crockpot Beef Roast
Saturday - Leftovers/Contingency Day

Fitness Recap:
Sunday - 4.27 mile run
Monday - 3.32 mile run
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 4.14 mile run
Thursday - 3.40 mile run
Friday - 5.05 mile run
Saturday - Rest

That's a whole lot of miles for this girl! I decided to keep the streak going and got in another 3.56 miles today! I'm actually feeling like a runner again and I'd love to keep it up!

I hope you have a great week! I'll try not to be a stranger!

 So long for today...

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