Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How Will You Reach Your 2016 Goals?

Happy Hump day everyone!! I hope your week is going by quick and painlessly. I'm fortunate to be on vacation from work this week and spending time with my two littles.

We've been staying busy running here and there and trying to de-Christmas the house and clean it at the same time. It's always so much more fun to decorate for a holiday than to in decorate it.

I got a notification just a few minutes ago that my Advocare All In Challenge shipped out yesterday, so I decided it was time to share it all with you. I would LOVE for you all to join us for the first 24 Day Challenge of the year!

This challenge is the perfect was to get rid of that bloat and also drop your holiday weight. I've been eating way too many sweets and treats the last couple of weeks and I'm feeling so sluggish from it. I'm so ready for a fresh start to lose these last few pounds and to look and feel my best! Honestly, since I've started using AdvoCare, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. 

You can customize your challenge to meet you personal needs. Some people are just looking to lose a few pounds, tone up and gain some energy.

Some people are looking for that life changer that will start them on a path to a healthy lifestyle so they can set good examples for their children.

Maybe you are looking to lose a considerable amount of weight. The 24 Day Challenge is a great way to start your journey towards a healthier you!

I love seeing all of the people that have started with AdvoCare and made a change in their lives.

This challenge is great for men and women. I've seen great results for both.

So, what is the challenge? It starts with a 10 Day (gentle) Cleanse that rids your body of the toxins that have built up.

The second part is the Max Phase where you will fuel your body with the right foods and see amazing results. You eat real food during both phases and never fast or deprive yourself. A lot of people say that they're not used to eating so much food! The average person loses about 8-12 pounds and 10-12 inches. But what is GAINED is even better. The energy you get is incredible. You also get so much motivation and support not only from me, but the entire AdvoCare community. Our goal for this challenge is to get 100,000 people to go ALL IN. We are well on our way to that goal, too!! I've ever know of anyone that regretted doing a challenge, but I do know of some people that have regretted NOT joining one. 

So, how are you going to reach your goals this year? I'd love for you to join myself and thousands of others that are taking this step towards a healthier version of ourselves! You can email me at to get signed up or to find out how you can get discounts or you can go ahead and sign up here! I'm also offering my personal meal plan along with recipes to anyone that signs up for the challenge with me. I want to do everything I can to help my challengers to be successful! AND there is a cash prize available to the top challenger in our group. The pot is currently at $85 and increases by $5 for every person that signs up!!

While I absolutely LOVE the holidays, I don't love all of the temptations that come with them. I'm ready to get back on track to eating well and feeling my best. I'd love to help you to do the same!

So long for today...

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