Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Good morning everyone! Does everyone know what day it is?......Wednesday!! Oh, it's also hump day, too! Lol! We're getting there my friends. Just a couple more days.

I tried so hard to get pictures of everything that I ate the other day. I've actually tried the last two days. But for some reason, I always forget to take pictures of dinner. I'm guessing its because the evenings at our house are so hectic and by the time I manage to get dinner on the table, Camden is usually deciding that he also wants to eat, so I have to shovel the food into my mouth as fast as I can. (Nice, huh?) The last thing I'm thinking of at this point is taking a picture of my plate. So you're going to have to forgive my lack of dinner picture. But I'll give you an amazing description that you'll know exactly what it was.

So lets get to it, shall we?

Breakfast was my typical eggs and turkey bacon

But I also had some roasted butternut squash (my new favorite food)

My morning snack was an apple with Greek yogurt

Lunch was a chicken Caesar wrap with the extra on the side and some Quaker Popped Chips

For my afternoon snack, I had some carrots with roasted vegetable hummus

Dinner was delicious grilled honey line chicken with a side of brown rice and steamed broccoli (See? Who needs pictures?)

I also had a small bowl of Special K cereal after dinner.

So there it is. I'm trying to change things up a little bit with some new foods. My new food for today is spaghetti squash.
Got to keep life interesting, right?

So long for today.

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