Friday, January 24, 2014

Simple Start

Happy Firday everyone! We made it to another weekend! Who's excited?!?! This girl is, I can tell you that! So excited to get away for awhile. Definitely helps that my destination is a warmer one. This cold is just too much! I moved to South Carolina to escape it. But it seems like it might have finally caught up to me! Hopefully, the Spring thaw shows up soon and pushes all of this cold out for good! The cold is definitely throwing a monkey wrench into my running plans. I'm strictly a warm weather runner! Ha!

So I've been doing some reasearch lately about Weight Watchers Simple Start Plan. I've seen all of the commercials with Jessica Simpson talking about how that is how she jumped back into weight loss mode after having her son last Summer. I briefly glanced at it a month or two ago, but I didn't think it was something that would be realistic for me. After talking to a friend of mine, downloading the app and doing some more research, I think it might be just what I need. Here is the link if you're trying to find more information, too.

One of my goals is to minimize the processed foods that I eat. Looking at the Simple Start Plan, I think that is the foundation of the plan. I know that when Weight Watchers introduced the Points Plus plan a few years ago, it seemed to me taht they were trying to get members to eat less processed foods. And I have changed out some of my snacks. I've started incorporating more fruits and veggies and low fat cheeses and yogurts into my diet and its very rare that I eat a 100 calorie pack anymore. So that it always a plus. But lately, some of my snacks have become more processed. I eat granola bars and some other bar type snacks that are highly processed. I would like to lose those from my diet. I might even look into making some of my own granola bars for snacks which have whole foods in them.

The moral of this long and rambling post is that I am planning to try the Simple Start two week plan after I get back from vacation. I'm sure my body will be ready for some detox after all the indulgences that I expect to have in the next week. I hope that I will see some great results during the two weeks, not only on the scale, but also in the way I feel overall.

I'd love any tips or experiences that any of you have had with the Simple Start plan or even the Simply Filling plan. What foods did you eat that you found worked and kept you full until your next meal or snack? I'd love to have this be a spring board into the Simply Filling plan. But I guess only time will tell...

So long for today...

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