Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life Lately

Good morning everyone! I hope you all survived another Monday. On to Tuesday and the rest of the week! I know I've been hit or miss with my posts lately, so I thought I would do an update for you all with what's been going on.

One of the big things that has been happening is that we put our house on the market to sell. We've been slowly working on taking care of the little things to get it ready. It's those things that you keep saying that you'll get to them someday, but never do...until you want to sell your house. That's when all of those little things turn into big "must-do" items. I think we've gotten everything taken care of and have it ready to go. Now, we just have to find someone to but it!

We've been camping...A LOT...lately. We've spent all or part of the past 4 weekends camping at our employee recreation area that we have on the lake. TC's brother bought a camper a couple of weeks ago and had been wanting to go camping with us. Then TC's sister and her fiance bought a camper about a month ago and wanted to go camping. Then last week, TC's parent bought a camper! His whole family has campers and the whole lot of us were out there. We all had such a good time. It's so fun to go camping with the big group.

Over the weekend, I had my longest run in a couple of years. I set out Friday to run 3 miles, but was feeling so good, it turned into a 4.16 mile run. On Saturday, since I had felt so great for my run on Friday, I decided to try for 4 miles again. Well, I was still feeing great, so that run turned into a 5.35 mile run. I think that might be the longest I have run since I did the bridge run in March of 2012. I'd love to get some more of my "long runs" in more often, but it's hard when you have two little ones at home, so we'll have to see about that one.

I'm trying to keep everything on track for my food. I get pretty frustrated with myself when I do well for a few days and then I completely blow it on the weekends. Since we will be at home this weekend, hopefully I can stay on track this time.

I hope you all have a great week. I might do a WIA/Weigh-In Wednesday for you all tomorrow.

So long for today...

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