Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIAW #16

I thought maybe I would do another WIAW post this week for you all. It not only helps me to get an extra blog post in for the week to help me reach my 5 for Five goal, but it also helps me to be more accountable with my eating. I only forgot to take one picture today, so I think I did a pretty good job today. Here's what I had:

For breakfast, I had one egg plus one egg white and whole wheat toast with some spray butter and some homemade peach preserves. I also had some cantaloupe on the side:

For my morning snack today, I had some reduced fat Wheat Thins and some 2% milk Sharp Cheddar cheese - my new favorite snack:

I also had some carrots to hold me over until lunch:

Lunch today was my homemade chicken salad on a low carb tortilla with some 2% milk provolone cheese and some lettuce. On the side, I also had some Special K Cracker Chips and some strawberries:

After lunch, I decided that I needed something sweet, so I had some Sugar Free Jell-o with some Fat Free Cool Whip:

My afternoon snack was some Yoplait Light yogurt with an unpictured apple:

For dinner, I tried a new recipe - Skillet Bowtie Lasagna - so, so good!

As always, after dinner I had a bowl of cereal. Tonight's choice was Cinnamon Life:

I came home during lunch today and did some prenatal strength training. I love to get my exercise in early so that I can have some extra time with the family in the evenings!!

I am still trying to track my points just to be sure that I'm not overdoing it. Today was a pretty good day for me. I'm hoping to gain momentum to keep eating well throughout the final trimester. I'm almost there!!

So long for today...

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