Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIAW #11

Well, I didn't do so well with my WIAW this week. Not so much with the eating, but the taking pictures part. I had the best of intentions, but somehow, I still ended up missing a couple of pictures throughout the day. I tried to make up for it, but I'm not sure I was very successful. Let me show you so you can be the judge.

Breakfast was 1 egg (2 Points+) with 1 egg white (0 Points+) on Double Fiber Bread (1 Point+):

I had some frozen cherries for a snack (1 Point+):

as well as some lower sugar oatmeal (3 Points+) made with 1/2 c. of 1% milk (1 Point+):

Lunch was an oven roasted chicken salad with some mozzarella cheese and FF Italian (5 Points+) and some unpictured potato chips (4 Points+):

For an afternoon snack, I had some 2% cottage cheese with S&P (2 Points+):

and then I had two Bit-O-Honies (1 Point+):

Dinner was a bowl of Vanilla Almond Special K (3 Points+) with 1% milk (1 Point+) and an unpictured salad with homemade salad dressing (3 Points+):

So looking at everything, it looks like I did a good job taking pictures, except for the chips and the salad, but I confess that the Bit-O-Honies were other ones that I took a picture of after I ate mine and if you look closely at the cereal, there really isn't any milk on it because I poured another bowl to take a picture of (in a clean bowl) then put it back in the box. But at least you get the idea of what I ate, right?

I did very well with exercise today. I got over 13,000 steps in today. This includes a 3 mile walk that I went on this evening. In addition, I also got in a 30 minute Pilates video. Not too shabby! Plus, I'm going to get to bed early, too. Bonus!

I will try to do better with my WIAWs from now on :-)

So long for today...

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  1. yumm i love those grilled chicken salads from subway ;)