Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Here we are again! Halfway through another week. I hope your week is going by as fast as mine is! It's a good thing for me, too since I have to work this Friday. But then I have a three day weekend. Yay for those!

Let's get down to business shall we?

Breakfast was one egg (1 Point+) and one egg white (0 Points+):

with a sliced banana (1 Point+) with honey (1 Point+) and some cinnamon:

Then I had half of a Lemon Zest Luna Bar (2 Points+):

and some Greek Yogurt (2 Points+) with some flax seeds (1 Point+):

Lunch was some shrimp salad (3 Points+) on a Mini Pita (2 Points+):

with some Special K Cracker Chips (1 Point+):

and some strawberries (1 Point+):

For a snack, I shared some popcorn with a co-worker (6 Points+):

and had some light string cheese (1 Point+)

with an apple (1 Point+):

Dinner was Betty Crocker Complete Meals Cheesy Chicken & Rice (6 Points+) with some broccoli (0 Points+):

Dessert was a cup of milk with a little bit of strawberry syrup (3 Points+):

We stuck with our walking tonight and took another 3 mile walk as a family. I don't know where TC has found his motivation to get active, but I'm definitely not complaining! I hope it continues! I also did a little bit of strength work after we got back from the walk.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good WIAW both for food and exercise!

So long for today...

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  1. That strawberry milk looks yum! Haha. And I love the popcorn in the coffee filter LOL! Thats how we roll at work too!! Use what ya got! LOL