Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIAW # 13

Look at this blogger! Posting two days in a row! Ok, if you look at the dates, it was the same day, but the time difference in my mind makes it 2 days. It's two different e-mails at least.

I am so proud that I actually remembered to take a picture of (almost) everything that I ate today. After the last few days, I really needed a day where my eating was under control. I did pretty good up until dinner. Hopefully, since I didn't eat all of my dinner, I didn't do too, too much damage...I don't have any regrets about my eating over the holidays, but it's definitely time to buckle down and keep the gain slow over the next few months. So without furter ado, here is another What I Ate Wednesday:

1 egg plus one egg white, two pieces of Whitewheat toast with spray butter and lower sugar jelly.

I had some FF yogurt with blueberries and cinnamon. So yummy!

Later in the morning, I also had some light string cheese with a clementine.

Lunch was a tossed salad with light dressing, some light Chicken Noodle soup and some Quaker Popped Chips. These were a new discovery and something I will definitely be buying more of to keep on hand. So good!

After lunch, I needed something sweet, so I had some partially thawed cherries
and half of a Luna Bar

My afternoon snack was a light Greek yogurt with an apple.

We have some cousins visiting from Virginia. Since this is their last night here, we all decided to go to dinner. We all met up at Olive Garden and I had the Tour di Mari. We ended up being hurried when we got there and so hungry by the time the food finally came out, so I forgot to take a picture. So much for my perfect streak!

So there it is, my first WIAW of the new year. Tell me, what did your eating look like today?

So long for today...

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