Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIAW #14

Happy hump day! So glad today is over. Only two more days left. It seems like the closer I get to maternity leave, the longer it takes my weeks to go. I'm dreading April and May!! I live for the weekends! It's supposed to warm up for this weekend, so we're planning to go camping. Nothing fancy, just a local spot we like to go. I had to take Pounce to the vet today...that's never a pleasant experience. But we both survived and he spent the rest of the evening recovering.

I was able to snap some pics of all of the foods that I ate today. I've built up some great momentum the last few days with my eating and exercising and I've very pleased. I hope my dr. will be just as pleased next week. I also hope that I can keep up the momentum! So here are the eats from this week's WIAW:

Breakfast was my usual egg and egg white with 2 pieces of Whitewheat toast. One piece had low sugar jelly:

My first morning snack was some FF vanilla yogurt and blueberries:

My second morning snack was some light string cheese and some strawberries:

Lunch was some homemade chicken salad (I promise to share the recipe some day) on a mini pita with some Special K Cracker Chips and some cantaloupe:

My afternoon snack consisted of some light Greek yogurt and an apple:

Dinner was a new recipe of Crockpot Jambalaya (Recipe coming soon):

Dessert was a bowl of Strawberry Yogurt Burst Cheerios and milk:

Tonight I did the Standing Work portion of my pre-natal pilates video. Always helps me to sleep better.

I really hope to keep up the motivation and momentum that I've found. I have a candle party that I am going to on Saturday that I'm a little worried about overindulging. But we'll have to see how that goes.

So long for today...

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