Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIAW on Maternity Leave

Happy Hump day everyone! Hope the week is going quickly for you. Only a couple more days and we will have made it to another weekend! Hooray for weekends!!

I thought I would do another WIAW post for you and and give you a look at what I typically ate while I was on maternity leave. Some days, I would change things up a bit, but this was a pretty normal day for me:


2 scrambled eggs (4 pts+) with 2 pieces of Whitewheat toast (3 pts+)and some strawberries (0 pts+)


Chicken Salad wrap (5 pts+) with 15 cracker chips (1 pt+) and some cantaloupe (0 pts+)


Kids Clif bar (3 pts+) and some cherries


Pork Tenderloin (5 pts+) with some whole wheat couscous (4 pts+) and Parmesan Roasted Green Beans (2 pts+)


Coconut milk ice cream (3 pts+) with homemade caramel sauce (2 pts+)


I would also usually have a bowl of cereal and milk (4 pts+) before going to bed.

I am nursing, so I get a boatload of points right now. Not looking forward to when I have to give up some of those points!!

I hope you're all having a great week! Starting to plan what I need to pack for our camping trip this weekend. Fingers crossed for some nice weather!

So long for today!!


  1. I love the kids Cliff bars, I feel like they're such a bargan for 3 points+.

    How many extra points do you get for nursing?

    1. I love the Kids clif bars. Oatmeal cookie are my favorite. The Luna Fiber bars are also only 3 Pts+.

      I can eat 40 points a day right now! It's awesome!!

  2. Love Cliff kids bars. And I love it even more that they have them at Costco :)