Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. Our's was so much fun! We stayed with my parents the whole weekend at their house, which is on the lake. My parents have hardly had their boat in the water this year and we wanted to change that. We went up Thursday evening and came back home after dinner Monday. 

My mom and I went shopping on Friday. The Carter's outlet was having a sale and we also hit up a few other stores. I'm very happy about some new heels that I bought. Have you seen the adorable Sperry's that they have out? So cute!

Saturday morning, we went out on the lake and met up with TC's family for a bit before pulling the girls in the tube. That evening, we went down to my sister's house for dinner.

Sunday morning, after being greeted by a gator in the cove - 

we were back out on the lake for some more tubing. This time, it was me and Addison. After running a couple of errands, we went back out on the water and met TC's family again. We decided Camden with us for his first boat ride. He did great, but didn't care for the life jacket too much. But I can't blame him there. We came back in and grilled some burgers for a late dinner.

Monday, after my morning run, my sister and her family came up and we headed back out on the water again.

After the girls played on the beach for a bit, we pulled the kids in the tube then I skied for a little while. Followed (very briefly) by my sister. After a little bit of swimming, we came back in so the girls could nap. I stayed with the little ones while everyone else went out on the water.

After we had an early dinner, My sister and her family went home. TC and my dad took the boat out of the water and cleaned it up while I packed everything up, then we headed back home to reset everything for this week. It was such an awesome weekend!

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe weekend and have a great week. Any big plans?

So long for today.

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