Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

Good morning! Hope you all are having a great start to your week. This weekend was so busy and went by way too fast! I still have so much to so still.

Here is what we were up to:

Friday evening we made a trip to Home Depot to buy the flooring for the kitchen that we had decided on. Unfortunately, the one we had chosen wasn't an in-stock item. We were going to order them, but instead decided on some bamboo flooring. I'm so happy we did because I am loving the way they look! After spending way too much time and money in Home Depot, we stopped my Cracker Barrel for some dinner and headed home.

Saturday, we were up bright and early. Well, Camden slept in a little bit, but we'll take that! TC and my dad started on the floors early only to find that the sub-floor underneath the laminate that was down was completely rotten.
Boo! So they had to replace the floor under the floor, which meant that it would take an extra day to finish the floors. While they were working on the floors, my mom and I took the kids and met my sister, neice and a friend at a plant swap.
It was my first time, but it was pretty fun.
I might even go to the one they have in April. Camden just couldn't take all the excitement and fell asleep in the Ergo.
After the plant swap, we went to a local pizza place for lunch
and then did some Carter's outlet shopping! We also had to stop at Yobe for some yummy frozen yogurt!
My parents stayed for dinner Saturday night and then went on their way home. We were all so exhausted and crashed pretty early. Here is a picture of the plants we got:

Sunday, I was pretty excited to get in a 3 mile run first thing in the morning. Saturday had been so busy, I didn't get any exercise in. When I got back from my run, my parents were already at the house. TC and my dad continued working on the floors while my mom and I took the kids to my sister's house (it was her birthday) to help her plant the some of what she had acquired at the plant swap. After a few hours there, we went back to my house. My parents went home to get ready for dinner with my sister and her family while I went grocery shopping. When I got back, we were back in the car on the way down to meet everyone for dinner. We stopped by Home Depot for some trim, but found out we'll have to go to a different store for that. We had some cake with my sister and parents then it was time to go home.

I had to include this picture of Camden. He has become fascinated with his hands. It's so adorable!

Like I said, a busy weekend with too many miles spent in the car, but hopefully the floors will be done within the next day or two, so I can put my kitchen back together! My dad is working on the floors while TC and I are at work today. Is he great, or what?! Not sure how the meal plan will go until I have everything back together, but we'll see.

I hope you all have a great day and a fantastic week!

So long for today...

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