Thursday, August 9, 2012

WIAW # 4

So I tried another WIAW this week. In the past they have helped me to stay on track with my eating and since I am trying very hard to stay on plan, I wanted to do another one. So here we go. I do have a couple of things that I forgot to take a picture of, but I hope you'll forgive me.

I started with my Skinny Decaf Chai Latte (0 Points+):

For breakfast, I had my 1 egg, plus 1 egg white cooked in the microwave (2 Points+). With that, I also made a mug of Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmean (3 Points+):

Snack was a banana (1 Point+), not pictured, but I think you remember :) and also an unpictured 1/2 c. of plain greek yogurt with some Stevia & vanilla mixed in (1 Point+) and also 1 T. of flax seeds (1 Point).

For lunch a had a tuna salad wrap that I forgot to take a picture of. But it was 1 FF tortilla, 1 leaf of romaine lettuce and about 1/2 c. of tuna salad. The total for this is 4 Points+.

Along with my lunch, I also had 15 Special K Cracker Chips (1 Point+):
and some fresh cherries (1 Point+).

My afternoon snack was strawberries (1 Point+) and a stick of light string cheese (1 Point+).

For dinner, I had leftovers of London Broil (5 Points+), 1/2 of whole wheat couscous (3 Points+) and 1/2 c. of green peas (1 Point+):

After dinner, I had a Lil Dipper Ice Cream Cone (3 Points+):

After my walk tonight, I also had a cup of 1% milk for a little protein boost (3 Points+):

My exercise tonight was a 3 milk walk/jog combination. I walked 3 miles with some spurts of jogging to get my HR up. When it got up to 140, I went back to walking until the HR got around 120 and kept alternating between these. When I got home, I was so close to earning 4 APs, so I did some strength moves to push myself a little further.

So here are the stats: I get 29 DPs but ate 31, add in the 4 APs and that leaves me with 2 points remaining. I can live with that.

So long for today...

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