Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, here it is again. What I ate Wednesday. As disatrous as the last couple of days have been with my eating, I was back on track today. I am taking the WIAWs very seriously and if I eat something on Wednesdays, I'm taking a picture of it and posting it on here. Complete transparency! So let's see what today had in store:

Of course, I had my Skinny Decaf Chai Latte (0 Points+):

For breakfast, I had one egg and one egg white scrambled just a little bit in a mug (2 Points+) with some Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal (3 Points+):

My mid-morning snack was a banana which I remembered to take a picture of today (1 Point+):

For lunch, I had homemade tuna salad on a FF tortilla (4 Points+) with 15 Special K Cracker Chips (1 Point+) and an apple (1 Point+):

My afternoon snack was 1/2 c. FF Greek yogurt (1 Point+) with a packet of Stevia and a little bit of vanilla with some strawberries(1 Point+):

When I got home from work, I was hungry so I reheated some green beans for another snack (0 Points+):

Dinner was a new recipe that will be posted on the blog soon. It was Cheesy Stuffed Shells and it was also very yummy (8 Points+)!

After dinner, I had a Lil' Drumstick (3 Points+) for my something sweet:

Then I tried one of the Orange Creamsicle Cookies that I baked tonight, too (2 Points+):

Total daily points for the day put me at 27, so I am 1 over for the day, but I earned 4 activity points with my exercise. Some would say that I end my day with -3. I say I earned it +1. But I'm ok with that because it's much better than the last few days have been!

Tonight was another day of Insanity. The workout this time was Cardio Power & Resistance. I think this might be my favorite of the Insanity workouts so far. It's very similar to the other videos, but a little different at the same time. I still have a few more to do, but so far, this one is in the lead.

So there you have it. My 3rd week of WIAW. Are you guys liking these or should I quit doing them? Personally, they're really helping me to make better decisions about what I eat. I usually eat well, I just tend to snack too much. So what do you think? I really want to know!

So long for today...

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