Monday, February 6, 2012

My First 5k

I've mentioned it a couple of times in my past few blogs, so I wanted to give some details. I'm running in my first 5k race this coming Saturday. It's the Go Red! 5k put on by MUSC in Charleston.

A 5k is actually 3.1 miles. When I run on the weekends, it's usually 3 miles, so the distance really isn't a big deal. But just the fact that I'm running in a race is a big deal, at least to me. I've participated in the Cooper River Bridge Run twice in the past, but this was just as a walker. So since I'm actually running in this one makes it kind of important to me. A couple of people have asked me why I am doing this. I respond with, "Why not?" It gives me something to work towards. It gives me a goal. I guess it also makes me feel like all of this running the past few months has been for something besides just working out. Does that sound bad? I've always heard other people talking about the races that they're doing, so I just wanted to do one of my own. Now, don't think that I'm going into this thinking I'm going to win. I know that's just not a possibility. I was on the website for the race today and the winning times were in the 6 minutes. That's just crazy. Who needs to run that fast? Anyway...

After the Points disaster I had last night, I made a huge effort today to get back on track. I'm happy to report that I stuck within my daily points range. I'm planning to workout later, too. At the very least, I'm hoping to not have gained any weight. We'll see how this goes!

I did take a couple of food pictures today to share with you, too.

Lunch was a Pear & Almond Salad: Lettuce, 1 Sliced Pear, 1 T. sliced almonds & 2 T. Sugar Free Raspberry Viniagrette (Pts+: 2)

Dinner was leftover Chicken Pot Pie with some extra green beans (Pts.+ 7)

I posted my menu plan for the week, too. I'm pretty excited about some of the new recipes I'm going to be trying. I know there are hamburgers again, but we usually eat those once a week. We get our burgers fresh from a local butcher. They're quick, convenient, Points+ value and DELICIOUS! There is nothing as good as a fresh grilled burger! Especially in the winter! If we like the new recipes, I'll take pictures and ost the recipes on here to share.

My weigh-in is tomorrow. Wish me luck!

So long for today...

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