Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Well, today was the big day...Super Bowl XLVI. Because it was a busy day, this is going to be short...

I hit the ground running this morning and didn't stop until we were on our way to the birthday party. I was pretty worried yesterday that I wasn't going to get everything done today. But I did!! Yea!

My Pretzel Bites ended up as Ham & Cheese cups.

I was a little disappointed in these, so I probably won't make them again. But that's how cooking goes. You can't win them all.

Everyone seemed to enjoy all the food and we didn't have a lot left over either, which is important, too. My co-workers will be disappointed tomorrow since I won't be bringing in any leftovers for them. They sometimes count on sampling some of my experiments in the kitchen. I'm sure they'll have another chance soon though.

I was happy to have gotten my run in today. It was another slower one. I'm not sure why. But at least I got out to enjoy the beautiful day we had.

Well, it's off to watch the end of the game. Sorry so short, I will make it up this week by posting some extra recipes to my What's Cookin' Page.

So long for today...

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